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Baggage handler says you should never plastic wrap your suitcases
READ MORE: 'I quit my job to work on yachts – and now get paid to travel the world'Thousands of Brits use cling films or designated plastic wrappers at the airport to secure their bags from curious hands or damage while in transit.The airport worker, Adrian, posted about the issue on TikTok.He claimed that he removes certain bags from the carousel and throws them down a ramp because they get stuck while on some of the many moving paths in the airport’s luggage system.The system allows bags to get to the loading bay for each plane so if your bag gets stuck it won’t make it to the flight on time – unless someone like Adrian spots it.Demonstrating the problem, Adrian highlights the first type of bag that gets stuck – a plastic wrapped box of food.He claims this should not be checked in as luggage – and says using plastic wrapping is a mistake in all cases.Adrian then showed a plastic wrapped hard shell case which was stuck in the same place.Oddly a massive frozen fish covered in plastic also became stuck.But, in the comments of the video people insisted that they would continue to wrap their bags anyway.One person said: “After seeing this video I think I’ll be wrapping my case too! Didn’t realise how much they [get] thrown about.”“Ppl wrap them so they don’t get destroyed for this exact reason,” added another.While a third noted: “In some airports, airline companies offer you to wrap your baggage in plastic to avoid scratches or damages during travel.”Another added: “Besides the frozen fish, I don't see anything wrong with these luggages.”Do you wrap your suitcase? Let us know in the comments below. READ NEXT: People disgusted by passenger on flight who closes plane window with bare foot Greek hotel boasts overwater
Home And Away Tex's real identity 'exposed' - killer, Paratas link and Rose betrayal
Home And Away newcomer Tex Wheeler has already proved to be a hit with fans. The character – who is played by Lucas Linehan – arrived in Summer Bay earlier this year when he responded to a job advertisement at the Diner.Tex has been pretty charming but fans of the Channel 5 soap suspect it might be an act and that he has a secret.READ MORE: Michelle Keegan wows in sizzling Australia snap as she teases Home and Away jobAnd it seems the plot is set to thicken in upcoming episodes.In one instalment from Down Under, Tex is seen at the gym and pokes his head into the office to have a sneaky look around.For some reason, he seems to fix his attention on a snap of Mia (Anna May Samson) and Ari Parata (Rob Kipa Williams), who has been killed off.In another scene Tex shows up at a warehouse full of leather-clad bikers – and one person addresses him as the "sergeant in arms".Viewers aren't sure what's coming up but many fear it could spell danger for Summer Bay residents.Tex has been cosying up to Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and things seems to be going well between them.But some fans are suspicious because Rose is a policewoman.One tweet said: "Is he just a fan of the uniform? Or does he have another ulterior motive?"Another fan tweeted: "Getting into bed with the local cop is his way of making sure he is well informed and connected before things turn nasty."People are sure that Tex is a part of the gang.And the general consensus seems to be that the bikers are after money from a robbery committed by Ari.One fan tweeted: "I might have an idea who this horrid Tex guy is.
Emmerdale's Rosie Bentham strips down to just a towel as fans hail her a 'goddess'
Emmerdale star Rosie Bentham was flooded with compliments as she posed wearing just a towel in a sexy Instagram selfie.The actress, who is best known to viewers for playing Gabby Thomas in the ITV soap, took to Instagram to share a make-up-free snap of herself.The 20-year-old soap star captioned the post: “Dreamy” as she is seen holding up a towel and looking away from the camera with a stunning sunset behind her.READ MORE: Emmerdale Amelia Spencer star gobsmacked as police stop her during birthday night outClearly enjoying her vacation in San Antonio Bay in Texas, Rosie posed from the balcony of her hotel room as the red sunset reflected off her face.Fans rushed to the comments to compliment the star.“The prettiest person ever,” gushed one fan.Another added: “You looks beautiful Rosie.”While a third said: “What a stunning goddess.”This is just the latest snap the star has shared online during her sun-soaked getaway.Rosie recently shared a candid snap of herself saying that she had just awoken from a three-hour nap.Rosie later returned to the social media platform as she shared her love for her co-star, Daisy Campbell, in a birthday tribute.Away from the Dales, the two soap actresses have a close friendship having shared many dramatic storylines together. Daisy plays Amelia Spencer in the ITV soap and is currently at the centre of a huge storyline after her character discovered she is pregnant at 15-years-old with Emmerdale fans currently trying to figure out the identity of the unborn child's father.