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‘Crimes of the Future’ Film Review: David Cronenberg Plays the Hits, But Always With Style
“Crimes of the Future” will be David Cronenberg’s final film — never believe a director who says they’re quitting — but it definitely feels like a closing argument, one that both reaffirms the filmmaker’s favorite themes and stylistic choices while also reflecting a shift in his point of view.We’ve been here before with Cronenberg; his 1999 “Existenz” also had the feel of a greatest-hits collection. But for audiences starved for brash choices from one of the cinema’s boldest living provocateurs, even a rehash seems fresher than corporate-assembled, focus-group-approved content.Should this be the Canadian auteur’s final feature, he won’t be leaving on a high note: “Crimes of the Future” won’t be remembered alongside masterpieces like “Dead Ringers,” “The Fly,” “The Brood,” or “Crash.” Nonetheless, as a writer-director, Cronenberg continues to plumb his obsessions, both narrative and visual, and he brings enough energy and bravado to the mix to make this an oft-told story that he’s recounting as though for the first time.Borrowing the title (but little else) from one of his earliest films, “Crimes of the Future” takes place in a near-future dystopia where pain has become a thing of the past and surgery is both a hot trend and the source of a new brand of performance art.
Holly Willoughby emotional as This Morning prepares to air from Buckingham Palace
Holly Willoughby found herself struggling “not to cry” after she shared an exciting announcement with millions of their loyal legion of fans at the start of This Morning.During Monday’s (May 23) instalment of the popular ITV talk show, the blonde bombshell kicked off the week with an exciting studio move as the 41-year-old confirmed she and her co-host Phillip Schofield would be presenting live from Buckingham Palace.The daytime show started with Gyles Brandreth as he entered the set to a fanfare of trumpets performed by what appeared to be two members of the royal guard.It was at this point that the former MP proudly read out the royal invitation to the dynamic duo live on air as he confirmed the pair would be presenting the show from the palace at 10am on Tuesday (May 24).Wearing another one of his stand-out novelty jumpers, Gyles said: “Dear Mr Schofield and Ms Willoughby, you have been given a royal appointment for tomorrow as you will be broadcasting live from Buckingham Palace to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.“You will be taking a look back at the Queen’s magnificent 70s years of sovereign with a host of special guests.“We look forward to welcoming you live, 10 o’clock tomorrow morning as the celebrations begin at Buckingham Palace.”It was at this point that Holly failed to contain her excitement any longer as she screeched: “I’m so excited. It’s almost making me cry”.As she proudly beamed beside Phillip, he asked Gyles: “Beautifully done, any tips?” to which he replied: “No tips at all.