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‘They/Them’ Review: Slashing Out

They/Them (★★☆☆☆), writer-director John Logan’s seemingly well-intentioned horror-thriller set at a queer conversion camp.Aided by the sunnily sinister setting, Logan does strike a properly foreboding atmosphere as a diverse group of teens arrive at Whistler Camp, all of them innocent but not entirely unsuspecting.Unlike the blissfully stupid sexpots who might populate a Friday the 13th movie, these young gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and nonbinary campers are wary and guarded from the moment they’re greeted by cultish camp leader Owen Whistler.In a canny bit of casting, Whistler is played by Kevin Bacon, who, of course, appeared as one of those dim sexpots in the original Friday the 13th.His character Jack famously died by having an arrow rammed through his throat as he lounged in bed smoking a post-coital joint.

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Drew Barrymore praised for her authenticity as she opens up about dating
Drew Barrymore's arms and heart appear to be wide open and ready to welcome a new love into her life.MORE: Drew Barrymore praises her ex in surprising confession about her love lifeThough private, the star never shies away from getting candid with her fans and viewers of The Drew Barrymore Show about where she stands when it comes to dating and its struggles.Her latest update couldn't be more heartfelt, as the daytime television host touched on dating after her divorce, dating as a single mom, and welcoming the ideas of either staying single or having someone by her side.WATCH: Drew stuns with filter-free appearance in latest home videoMORE: Drew Barrymore shares emotional photo of rarely-seen parents before their separationThe touching conversation came about when Drew had Anna Chlumsky, who most recently starred in Netflix's Inventing Anna, give her a tarot reading live on-air.When the actress asked her to pose a question as the reading began, the mom-of-two posed a bold and revelatory one, asking: "Will I see him again?" which immediately prompted intrigued gasps from the audience.The Riding in Cars with Boys lead was drawn to a card revealed as the eight of cups, and the drawing in it portrayed a hiker walking solo through mountains by the sea and a sketch of eight pink goblets.A post shared by The Drew Barrymore Show (@thedrewbarrymoreshow)The heartfelt conversation about loveWhen asked whether she identified with the solo hiker, the actress could not have been more candid, saying: "I am definitely the solo hiker, I am.
'Inventing Anna': A Guide to the Fake German Heiress and Those She Scammed
true-crime TV, which is largely focused on con artists and grifters, no series is more captivating or satisfying to watch than, Shonda Rhimes’ scripted Netflix drama about convicted fraudster Anna Sorokin starring Julia Garner. Known more popularly as Anna Delvey, the German expat was found guilty of grand larceny for defrauding some of New York City’s social elites and financial institutions out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. After journalist Jessica Pressler first ignited a media frenzy around Delvey’s story with the 2018 magazine article, “How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People,” she’s the subject of renewed attention thanks to the star-studded series, which features Katie Lowes, Laverne Cox and more as various people wrapped up in her story. “She was known as this New York grifter,” Lowes told ET, explaining that Delvey “told everyone she was a German heiress worth millions of dollars.” So, here’s what you need to know about Delvey, the “Fake German Heiress,” and the people she scammed. After first arriving from Germany in 2013, Delvey spent several years in New York City hoping to launch an exclusive SoHo House-type art club in various hot spots around the country, with the first being in the Big Apple.