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People link different penis types with certain personalities, claims study

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LadBible, the so-called Dr M the Science Femme explained the findings in a YouTube video. She revealed that people make assumptions about personality based on penis length, girth and pubic hair. READ MORE: Mum awkwardly catches husband masturbating after Bluetooth speaker exposes him The study, 'Personality and Sexual Perceptions of Penises: Digital Impression Formation' was based on 106 college students, mostly females.The group were asked to take an assessment of 24 pictures of penises that varied in girth, length and pubic hair.Once they had a look at the explicit pics, they would then have to determine whether they met the following criteria.The group believed that those with more girth would be more sexually active and good in bed.Yet those with long penises were believed to be more attractive and more extraverted compared to those with shorter rods.They also stated that having a narrow penis means that you were perceived to be more neurotic.Researchers also noted that pubic hair played a ‘surprisingly’ important role.

Both clean-shaven and ungroomed were frowned upon.People with long pubic hair are apparently introverted and not open to new experiences, while those into manscaping were considered more attractive and better in the sack.Want all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox?

Sign up for our free Daily Star Hot Topics newsletterAuthor Thomas R. Brooks told PsyPost: “This topic really came out conversations with single colleagues and friends who were going through online dating and exchanging explicit media over apps and other messaging services.“When one of their potential hookups would send a picture of themselves, my friends would joke around about their qualities as a lover, their potential.

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