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Noel Gallagher admits he does Look Back In Anger and can hold grudge for years

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showbiz gossip straight to your inbox with the Daily Star's FREE newsletterNoel Gallagher has admitted he really does Look Back In Anger and can hold grudges for years - proving he isn't very keen on taking his own advice.The former Oasis rocker, 54, claimed he is always plotting payback and said: "Revenge has got to be served cold.

Like foie gras."I’m in a constant state of revenge – revenge in perpetuity is how I live."He added: "When I’m wronged, I never react – I just make a mental note of it and go, ‘OK.

You’ll regret that.’"And then I play the long game in it all. I’m not a bawler and shouter, I’d just be like, ‘OK, let’s see how this plays out.’"I’m in a constant state of plotting against someone."Noel went on to tell Matt Morgan’s.

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