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New State Pension petition calling for £416 weekly payment for everyone over 60 due official response

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An online petition calling on the UK Government to set a minimum level for weekly State Pension payments of £416.80 for everyone over the age of 60, arguing that the new rates from April are “far too low”, has passed the 10,000 signature threshold which triggers an official response.

More than 17,330 people have already shown their support for the proposed changes. The current State Pension payment rates are worth up to £185.15 for those on the New State Pension and up to £141.85 for people receiving the Basic State Pension.

The contributory benefit is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and will increase in April by 10.1 per cent, under the Triple Lock rule, taking the New State Pension to £203.85 per week and the Basic to £156.20.

Petition creator, Michael Thompson, said that increasing the payment rate for everyone over 60 to £416 per week would result in an annual income of £21,673.60.He said this new level of payment “should lift thousands out of poverty, give our elderly folk the power to survive and help grow the real economy, bottom up”.

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