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Naturally, Halsey Wore a Ton of Faux Face Piercings to Fashion Week

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this year, and while it's hard to imagine anything will be more extreme than , that doesn't mean creativity is hereby canceled.

Take bold beauty presentation at the Givenchy show, for example. They gave onlookers a reason to be green with envy over their verdant makeup and hair—not to mention a reason to wonder if the star went wild at a piercing parlor sometime in the last 48 hours.On Thursday, March 2, Halsey appeared to have at least seven new upon arriving at Givenchy: a bridge piercing, two surface teardrop piercings, a Medusa piercing in her philtrum, and three labret piercings under her lower lip.

Upon closer inspection, however, the piercings are likely cleverly placed flat-back metallic gems glued in popular piercing spots.

The finished product is cool without commitment—or pain.Even without the faux piercings, Halsey's look is a striking one thanks to highlighter-green About-Face eye makeup.

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