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Mystery of 'Dragon skull' found in sand on British beach puts Reddit users in a frenzy

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dragon" has been found on a beach in the UK. Images of the bizarre find were shared to Reddit page r/CasualUK, where the poster explained it was discovered on Bridlington Beach in Yorkshire.They wrote: "Found some kind of animal skull in the sand while on Bridlington beach!

Anyone know what this critter was?"READ MORE: Mexican cartel lose guns, drugs and alligator in police raid but pet tiger escapesThe skull appears to be straight out of Game of Thrones, with two pointed eyes at the top and an elongated snout at the bottom.

There are even ridges where the mythical creature's eyes would be. Other than a "dragon", some people in the comments section suggested it may belong to a "wyvern", a legendary winged serpent-like creature with two legs (unlike four-legged dragons). "Dragon, those holes across the top are to vent the hot gases so it's head doesn't explode," one person said.

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