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'My Tesco big shop was £90 when the cost of living crisis started, what I'm paying now is ludicrous'

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It feels like a lifetime ago when we could visit the supermarket without fearing what price rises might be in store. Since the cost of living crisis started towards the end of November 2021, we've seen products increasing on a weekly basis.

And it's not just a few pence either, we're talking 20p to 30p hikes at a time. There are obviously some products that have taken more of a hit than others, but generally grocery prices have risen across the board. Read more: Shoppers say they no longer buy Kellogg's after discovering supermarket's cereal To see just how much things have gone up, this week I repeated a big shop I did at Tesco in December 2021, just as the crisis was taking hold.

Back then my shopping came to just over £90 - with a four pint bottle of milk costing £1.15 rather than today's £1.65 - and a Soft White Hovis loaf costing 99p, rather than the current £1.40, both amounting to hikes of more than 40%.

Today's bill for the same items is just shy of £111, that's a massive 23.2% increase overall. And as well as being dearer, some items are also smaller, which only adds insult to injury.

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