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'My dad called me loser for my tattoos but I like that people get mad about them'

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transformation, admitting that even her dad hadn’t been keen on her lifestyle choice at first. After growing up in a Christian household, Orylan’s family didn’t expected their daughter to end up covered in tattoos and posing for racy content on her OnlyFans channel.

The model’s heavily modified appearance – which includes tattooed eyeballs and a split tongue – has led her to receive cruel comments online, where trolls have called her a “demon”.READ MORE: Tattooed Christian called 'demon' by trolls over appearance says 'only God can judge me'And, sharing her story on the No Jumper YouTube channel, the 23 year-old revealed that even her parents had disapproved when she had received her first tattoo when at only 14, and started working as a stripper soon after.“Me and my dad are very close now,” she said, before admitting: “We weren’t at first, he was so against all of this.“He said I was going to be a loser, nothing, have no money, be homeless, broke, poor.

He told me to go to college and he would help take care of me because he owns his own business.“He said, you’re going to go to college, be a nurse, and that’s what you’re going to do.

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