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Mum's horror as son ties her up, threatens to pour boiling water over her and demands £10k

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A mum was left horrified after her son tied her up, threatened to pour boiling water over her and demanded £10k be transferred to his bank account.

Michal Strehlau, 27, kept his own mother prisoner in her home for hours before she managed to escape the horrific ordeal.The incident occurred last year in Hull, when the drunken amphetamine user flipped out on his parent after going to her home.

The 27-year-old kept her prisoner for three hours and 40 minutes before she finally managed to untie herself and escape through a living room window.After the incident, Strehlau later secretly returned to his mum's home and hid in the loft space.

Hull Live reports he then later emerged to stealfood and have a bath while she was out.At Hull Crown Court, Strehlau admitted to attempted robbery and false imprisonment of his mother on October 2, 2022.

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