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Mum feels 'extremely guilty' after refusing friends money requests

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A Mum says she feels 'extremely guilty' after ignoring her indebt friend's money requests. The woman claims she has already given her friend £600 to help ease her money problems but she is asking for more, reports the Liverpool Echo.

The mum took to social media to see if she was in the wrong for not wanting to give her friend anymore money. She told Mumsnet that her friend told her that she was struggling on debt on a night out a few weeks ago.The mother alleges her friend told her that she only had £30 for her and her two children to live on for the next few weeks.

After a few drinks, she settled the bill and the woman's husband gave her friend £100 to help her get through the week.A few days later, the mum then lent her friend an additional £500 but told her not to worry about paying it back until after Christmas.

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