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Mum calls out school's 'outrageous' blazer policy after pupils forced to wear them in sweltering heat

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A mum has criticised her daughter's high school for making pupils wear blazers during the heatwave. Despite this week seeing the hottest days of the year so far, the parent says her child returned from Sale High School 'dripping in sweat' and feeling ill as she'd not been allowed to take her blazer off all day.

The schoolgirl told her mum that only a few teachers allow kids to remove them in class, with others stating it's school policy to wear them at all times.

The school in Sale, Trafford, is far from alone in its stance and the parent contacted the Manchester Evening News to call for schools to drop the draconian rule and consider the risks to children. Read more: Angry parent hits out after being told pupils can't take sun cream into school "As a health worker myself I think it's disappointing that schools aren't taking the children's health seriously," said the mum. "I think it's outrageous that children across the UK are having to wear blazers in schools with temperatures expected to reach highs of 27 degrees. "My daughter came home dripping in sweat, dizzy and feeling sick, only for me to learn she's not allowed to take a blazer off in and around school grounds, and to add to this only a selection of teachers allow it in the classroom." She added: "I understand the school policy and I agree uniform is uniform, but for the children's safety there's ways of going around this. "I feel if UK weather reaches higher then 25 degrees and no aircon is provided, I think blazers should be optional.

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