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MLK Day: Macro’s Charles D. King On The Life & Legacy Of Dr. King In America 2022

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Editors note: On the commemoration of what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s 93rd birthday, multi-platform company Macro founder Charles D.

King today takes a big picture look at an American icon and his influence in a guest column for Deadline.The significance of Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday in 2022 embodies a day of remembrance for one of our country’s and our world’s greatest leaders.Cut down by an assassin’s bullets in 1968 at the age of just 39, he was a man who sacrificed his life and his family for all of us for the work that he did to shine a light on racial injustice, the fight for equality and frankly, to make our world and our country a better place.So, the fact that we can honor his legacy and his work every year is a reminder of his incredible contribution to our society but also, too, as a reflection and a reminder as to the work that we must continue to all do together to move our communities and our society forward.

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