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Michael J. Fox Reveals He Has Broken His Shoulder, Elbow and Almost Lost a Finger Due to Parkinson's Disease

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Micheal J. Fox is opening up about the continued physical toll of his experience with Parkinson's disease. In a new interview with, the actor shares some of the surprising injuries he says he's suffered as a result of his illness. «I broke this shoulder — had it replaced.

I broke this elbow. I broke this hand. I had an infection that almost cost me this finger. I broke my face. I broke this humerus,» he says. «And that sucked.»Today, Fox says, he has «aides around me quite a bit of the time in case I fall, and that lack of privacy is hard to deal with.» Fox is currently promoting a new documentary titled from director Davis Guggenheim.

The documentary — out May 12 on Apple TV+ — will chronicle Fox's one-of-a-kind life and career in the spotlight, including his 1991 Parkinson's diagnosis at age 29.«I've won more awards and had more nominations since I announced my diagnosis,» the star says of his storied career. «It may be that people feel bad for me, but I prefer to look at it as an acknowledgment for continuing to have a legitimate career.»Fox officially retired from acting in 2020 as he began struggling to remember lines.

In his new interview, the actor laments the loss of some of that comedic timing that made him famous, with the clarity of his speech also occasionally impacted by the disease. «I sometimes have a fleeting moment of disappointment when a really great joke comes out and lands flat because people can’t understand what I’m saying,» he says. «It’s not like you can just repeat it.

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