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Michael J. Fox Looks Back on Hollywood Triumphs, Setbacks and Why ‘Parkinson’s Is the Gift That Keeps on Taking’

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Michael J. Fox has been through hell, and not in the way you’re thinking. In the last few years, his mother died, his father-in-law died, and he had to put his beloved dog, Gus, a 120-pound mutt, to sleep after more than a decade of loyal companionship.

And then there was an almost biblical series of health challenges, many of them indirectly related to his Parkinson’s disease. “I broke this shoulder — had it replaced.

I broke this elbow. I broke this hand. I had an infection that almost cost me this finger. I broke my face. I broke this humerus,” Fox says, pointing to each part of his fractured body, before concluding with a wry snort. “And that sucked.” That’s to say nothing of the spinal surgery he underwent in 2018 to remove a tumor, a visit to the hospital completely independent of the falls he experiences more frequently as Parkinson’s robs him of his balance.

The whole thing left Fox feeling nearly as despondent as when he was first diagnosed with the disease in 1991 at the age of 29.

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