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'Menopause made sex with my handsome husband excruciatingly painful'

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Huffington Post Angie McCullagh described her husband of 20 years as tall, smart, kind and ‘blisteringly handsome’.READ MORE: Best sex position to promise mind-blowing female orgasms, according to scienceIn the early days of their relationship they could barely keep their hands off one another, but now two children and menopause later it’s not the same.Angie’s only clue she was going through menopause was when she started to experience insomnia and painful sex which left the couple in an intimacy slump.Not ready to give up on getting hot and heavy with her husband, she went to see a gynaecologist and asked for a referral to a pelvic floor physical therapist but did nothing.She finally saw a therapist who started addressing the pain-mind connection.Angie explained: “In my case, my vagina must have shot out new pain receptors like tiny fireworks.

This meant deep breathing and re-teaching my body so that it could trust me to stop any activity causing vaginal discomfort.”Another of their goals worked on keeping the vaginal walls supple by stretching them using special tools.Want all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox?

Sign up for our free Daily Star Hot Topics newsletter“Sadly, for me, menopause has caused a fair amount of shame. My skin has gathered into dry furrows and tucks”, Angie continued.“I reach for lube but instead of a fun enhancement, it’s a necessary tool.

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