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Melanie Lynskey on the Personal, Heartbreaking Loss Behind Her ‘Yellowjackets’ Character

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Michael Schneider Variety Editor at Large Melanie Lynskey might be reading this story. The “Yellowjackets” star is a fan of TV, and she’s also a fan of writing and criticism about TV.

And that includes reading press about her own shows — and herself. “I love [film and TV] criticism so much,” she tells Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast. “And it would make me sad to not get to read it.

You have to put your ego aside for a minute and just be like, ‘it doesn’t matter what I read about myself. When it’s someone you really love reading, and they’re writing about something that you spent six months working on, it’s hard for me to not do it.” Lynskey says the reviews aren’t always great — but they’re usually accurate even in those cases. “They’ve always been right,” she says. “I know when something hasn’t been that good.

So I’ve never been like, ‘that’s not fair.’ I’ve never really had that feeling.” With one exception: When reviews have brought up physical appearance “where it felt like I don’t know if that necessarily matters.

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