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May the Fourth be With You: Why fans celebrate ‘Star Wars day’ on 4 May & what is the history behind it?

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was released in 1977, George Lucas was a new director and the film was based on a pre-known context like a novel. ‘In a galaxy far far away’ came out of a need so that the audience could be made aware of the context behind the film.

It exists on an unknown planet and the truth of characters is defined by an idea called force. In the Star Wars universe, force is defined as the sum of all goodness and therefore the quoted text came about, “May the force be with you.”May the fourth be with you is of course a pun on the quote but not merely due to the audio significance of the date.

It was the year 1979 and on May 4 Margaret Thatcher was elected as the Prime Minister of England. Her ran party ran advertising in.

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