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‘Marcel The Shell With Shoes On’ Co-Creator & Star Jenny Slate On Film’s Oscar Nomination: “I Just Can’t Stop Crying”

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After her animated film received an Oscar nomination today, Jenny Slate said she is completely overwhelmed. “I thought I’d be more energetic, but I’m really shocked,” she told Deadline. “I sort of felt like a bit smoothed over and I felt really calm … now I just can’t stop crying.” Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, which Slate produced and co-created, snagged an Oscar nomination today for Best Animated Feature category.

Slate also voiced the title character. The film is based on the character of Marcel, who was created by Slate and director Dean Fleischer Camp for a digital short back in 2010.

Slate said she had no idea Marcel would garner this much acclaim when she first voiced the small shell. “At that time I was kind of at a low point in my career and sort of felt like I had drained the reserves of my creativity,” she said. “But I have always been a person who generally felt connected to a hope that happy and extraordinary things might come my way.” RELATED: Oscar Nominations 2023: Deadline’s Complete Coverage There’s no word on a sequel to the film, but Slate says there is so much possibility in Marcel’s world. “We try to think of his house as sort of ‘as big as a country,’ so there’s a lot of places that we still haven’t explored.” Even bringing Marcel outside of the house, the charm of the character shines through when he plays with perspective. “I think it would be pretty incredible to bring him somewhere like a botanical garden, where he could just see for scale, how big he is, not even to a palm tree but like a smaller bush,” she said. “It’s always exciting to be putting him in situations where his perspective and scale reminds us of our own perspective and scale in the actual universe.” RELATED: Oscar Best

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