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Man pays tribute to Queen with heartfelt Paddington Bear tattoo

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passed away on Sept. 8 at the age of 96 after seven decades of service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.The ink showed a corgi, the blue duffle coat-donning teddy and the back of Elizabeth in a turquoise dress with the words, “Well that’s that done, tea?” drawn by illustrator Eleanor Tomlinson.A tattoo artist named Jon discussed the permanent illustration and how a client brought in the design for him to draw.“It’s very common in this industry to have requests for tribute tattoos after a well-known person passes away,” he told the Mirror.“I normally shy away from them because I don’t like to make money off other people’s misfortune.

So when I got the request, I said I wouldn’t make money from it,” he went on.Elizabeth’s funeral is set to commence on Sept.

19, and some stores around the United Kingdom will be closed out of respect for mourners.“On the day of the funeral I will close the shop and use the money from the reduced-price tattoo to buy flowers to put outside of the shop,” Jon added.Get the latest on Queen Elizabeth II’s passing with The Post’s live coverageThe sovereign famously starred in a TV skit with Paddington in honor of her Platinum Jubilee earlier this year, hilariously having tea with the cuddly creature.Frank Cottrell-Boyce, who co-wrote the sketch, explained how it came to be following her death last week. “She’s absolutely glowing in that moment,” he told the BBC on Sept.

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