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Major Toblerone makeover announced in crackdown of 'Swissness' rule

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Airport mainstay Toblerone will be getting a makeover due to a Swiss law that restricts imagery of the Swiss mountains.The imagery of Matterhorn, a mountain in the Swiss Alps, will be removed from Toblerone's packaging due to the firm moving its production outside of Switzerland.

The range is entwined with the Toblerone aesthetic with its mountain range-shaped chocolate and boxes.In accordance with Swiss law, Toblerone will no longer be permitted to use the Swiss iconography.

The Matterhorn will now be removed and replaced with a generic Alpine summit, as reported by The Guardian.Additionally, the chocolate bar's packaging, which formerly read "of Switzerland" will be changed to "established in Switzerland"."Swissness" laws restrict the use of imagery that suggests that food, industrial products and services are made in Switzerland.

This includes using the country's flag, Wales Online reports.Mondelēz, the US food giant that owns Toblerone and Cadbury, is planning on moving the production of Toblerones from Berne to Slovakia.

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