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Love Island's Tom Clare reveals very unusual ick: 'It looks daft'

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Love Island star Tom Clare has revealed some of his rather bizarre icks in Saturday night's Love Island Unseen Bits. Discussing what could make him go off a girl, the semi-professional footballer, 23, shared that he even has an "ick list" on his phone - although he didn't explain quite why he needs this.

Asking Keanan what his icks are, Tom quickly said that he gets put off by "birthday makeup". After being questioned on what he meant, Tom explained: "When girls get their makeup done for their birthday and it looks daft." Agreeing with this assessment of birthday makeup, Samie added: "And they look like a clown" before joking that once they're out of the villa she'll show Tom some photos of her own birthday makeup, adding that she looked "awful." Tom and Keanan then agreed that blue eyeshadow was among the worst types of birthday makeup, with Keanan adding: "When they do like blue eye shadow and go 'do I look nice?' and they've spent a hundred quid on it." As Keanan added that doesn't really have any icks, Tom admits that he has "loads" adding: "I've got loads on my notes, I've written down loads." Questioned on this by Samie, Tom confessed that when he discovers a new ick it gets added to the ongoing list.

Revealing some of the other things on his long list of icks Tom said: "When a girl's got loads of Bluetooth connections on her phone.

When it says Mercedes, Audi, BMW..." Arguing against this ick, Samie then pointed out that these could easily just be their Bluetooth connections from their friends' cars.

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