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Love Island's Ron and Lana accused of 'trying to prove a point' after claims they have no chemistry

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Love Island contestants Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins have once again faced the ire of many fans at home, with both viewers and fellow islander Tom Clare accusing the couple of “trying to prove a point” after claims were made that the couple have no sexual chemistry.

The couple have enjoyed a rollercoaster romance over the past few weeks, with their will-they-won’t-they relationship being tested to the max during Casa Amor.

However, while their originally appeared to be plenty of attraction between the couple, it has since fizzled out, with some fans (and fellow Islanders) even suggesting Ron and Lana lack any sustainable chemistry at all.

As if trying to prove them wrong, the couple have amped up their public displays of affection in recent days, but the actions still appear strained and uncomfortable to many, leading some fans to suggest it’s all part of a tactic to help them get to the final, despite not being in love.Taking to social media to call out the behaviour, several fans were quick to share their thoughts about the couple’s unbelievable romance. “Not Ron and Lana being affectionate suddenly.

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