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Lost tapes show Chernobyl babies glowing green and men with horror scars

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1986 Chernobyl disaster is considered the worst nuclear accident in history – but new evidence reveals that the damage was far greater than previously thought.A new Sky TV documentary, Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes, exposes the grim injuries sustained by emergency workers and horrifying birth defects caused by radiation from the explosion at the No.

4 reactor in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant,According to official figures two employees were killed in the initial explosion, and a further 28 died from acute radiation poisoning.READ MORE: 'Suicidal' Russian troops disturb radioactive dust in Chernobyl 'red forest'But many more people are believed to have died from the direct effects of the disaster, with some estimates putting the death toll as high as 985,000 .The number of birth defects cause by the plume of radioactive fallout that extended as far as Wales cannot be calculated.Babies with patches of 'glowing' green skin are shown in the footage obtained by Sky, along with many more dying of untreatable cancers that before the Chernobyl accident were considered incredibly rare.The documentary also recounts tales of incredible heroism from the rescue workers sent to deal with the initial explosion and fire.Many of them were sent into the burning reactor building with little or no protective gear and many of them were left with horrifying scars as a result.Firefighter Leonid Shavrey told how his younger brother Petr was off-duty when the alert went out.Petr had no time to stop and pick up any equipment: “Protection didn't matter but time was of the essence to stop the flames spreading,” Leonid said.Petr helped guide fire trucks around the site, moving obstacles out of the way as he went.At one point Petr picked up a small.

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