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Loose Women's Frankie Bridge fights back tears after 'shame' over secret eating disorder

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She admitted that she felt "shame" and "embarrassment" over her therapist's request that she keep a food diary documenting what she eats."Last time she asked me to do a food diary was when I kind of bowed out and never booked another session in!"I've had therapy for years about depression, anxiety, talking about really personal things, but for some reason, talking about food and weight seems so much harder for me," she continued.The Sunday Times bestseller added that she was "constantly" plotting ways to restrict her intake, and had categorised food into good and bad groups, believing that carbs were akin to the devil."Is there any wonder heroin chic is back?

Everyone's gotta be skinny again," she lamented, referring to the 1990s trend in the fashion world."When I was younger, if someone asked me if I was unwell because I was so skinny, it felt like I'd won - and if I go to bed and I feel hungry, I feel proud of myself," she shared."It's just from that 90s mentality that is inbred into me and it's going to be so hard to kind of get that out of me and retrain."However, she confessed that the food diary - which she has finally attempted to start doing - has helped her refocus her thoughts."When I see it written down, I'm like, of course I'm eating like an absolute idiot!" she explained."I never realised I have at least five to six hours between eating [each meal] and then I'm starving, so I reach for the easiest thing which will be something that's not nutritious, or carbs that I've been told for so many years since the Atkins diet that I'm not supposed to eat because it's the devil...

lots of things for me to relearn and retrain my brain."Frankie added that she had been fearful of speaking out about her disordered eating,.

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