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Fremantle Buys Belgium’s A Team Productions, Continuing Its Indie Outfits Buying Spree

Nick Vivarelli International Correspondent Fremantle has acquired a majority stake in Belgium’s A Team Productions the indie outfit behind hit drug gang drama “Patsers” by directorial duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah and standout short “ “Baghdad Messi.”  The company, which was founded in 2009, is headed by Kobe van Steenberghe and Hendrik Verthé and scored its first major international in 2011 with the short “Land of the Heroes” which won the International Jury Prize at the Berlinale that year. They are also behind short “Baghdad Messi,” by Belgium-based Kurdish director Sahim Omar Kalifa, which won prizes at dozens of international fests and was shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2014.

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French Film Industry Rallies to Support Iranian, Women-Led Protests in Wake of Mahsa Amini’s Death in Custody (EXCLUSIVE)
Elsa Keslassy International Correspondent Award-winning filmmakers Alice Diop (“Saint Omer”), Audrey Diwan (“Happening”), Julia Ducournau (“Titane”), Michel Hazanavicius (“The Artist”), Jacques Audiard (“Dheepan”), and actors Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard, Isabelle Huppert, Lea Seydoux are among nearly 1,000 prominent French film figures who have signed an open letter to support Iranian women and civil rights activists in their revolt over the death of 22 year-old Mahsa Amini, as well as denounce the “murderous violence” of the Iranian regime. Amini, a Kurdish woman, died in custody on Sept. 16, three days after being arrested in Tehran because she allegedly breached the Islamic republic’s strict dress code for women. Her death has sparked protests across Iran, including in Tehran, Isfahan and Yazd, and in cities around the world, including in Paris, Istanbul and Los Angeles. Amnesty International said Iranian authorities have been “intentionally using lethal force against the protesters,” causing more than more 52 deaths (as of Sept. 30). The organization has urged international action “beyond statements of condemnation” to prevent more people from being killed.
US shoots down Iranian drone that 'posed threat' to forces in 'unprovoked attack'
Iranian drone which the US claimed posed a “threat” to its forces was shot down.In a statement made by the US Central Command (CENTCOM), they said that he “unmanned aerial vehicle” was heading in the direction of Erbil, Iraq.The organisation said that “condemned” the “unprovoked attack” that fortunately did not lead to any forces being wounded or killed.READ MORE: Ukraine 'deploying explosive suicide drones' against Russia's Black Sea fleetWhile there are several US troops that are currently operating in Iraq due to requests made by the Iraqi Government, it's confirmed that the strike took place at around 2.10pm local time (12.10pm UK time) on Wednesday (September 28).In it's statement, the CENTCOM said: “US Central Command condemns the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ unprovoked attack in Iraq’s Erbil Governorate this morning.“Such indiscriminate attacks threaten innocent civilians and risk the hard-fought stability of the region.“No US forces were wounded or killed as a result of the strikes and there is no damage to US equipment.“At approximately 2.10pm local time, US forces brought down an Iranian Mojer-6 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle headed in the direction of Erbil as it appeared as a threat to CENTCOM forces in the area.“CENTCOM personnel operate in Iraq at the invitation of the Government of Iraq to advise, assist, and enable partner forces in ensuring the lasting defeat of ISIS.”To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Iraqi Kurdistan Health Minister Saman Barazanchi said Iran's Revolutionary Guards firing missiles and drones in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq has resulted in nine people being killed and 32 wounded.He revealed that: “Some of the wounded
Everything You Need To Know About the Protests in Iran Following Mahsa Amini’s Death
she had suffered “a heart attack.” Eyewitnesses, though, watching the police beat her—which many believe resulted in her falling into a deadly coma.Her family has also confirmed that Mahsa had never suffered from a heart condition previously, with her father, Amjad Amini, alleging that he had been denied the right to see footage of the arrest (“I asked them to show me the body cameras of the security officers, they told me the cameras were out of battery,” he ) as well as being prohibited from seeing Mahsa’s body, which had been wrapped in a sheet when presented to him—although he claimed to have noticed suspicious bruising on her feet.A previous statement from the director general of forensic medicine in Tehran province, however, that there were “no signs of injuries to the head and face, no bruises around the eyes, or fractures at the base of Mahsa Amini’s skull.” Numerous human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, have called for further scrutiny, with President Ebrahim Raisi the UN General Assembly that “if her death was due to negligence, it will definitely be investigated.” On the same day, Raisi–who condemned Iranian protestors for their “acts of chaos”–canceled a with Christiane Amanpour after she declined his last-minute request that she wear a headscarf.This content can also be viewed on the site it from.Many in Iran are understandably dubious about claims that Mahsa’s death occurred naturally. Demonstrations began in Kurdistan province on September 17 following Mahsa’s funeral, and rapidly spread across the country with several clips of Iranian citizens publicly going viral.
Twisted honour killer shot his influencer sister dead because she 'wore crop tops'
Police have arrested a Kurdish teenager who shot dead his influencer sister who went against conservative Islamic conventions by wearing crop-tops and crucifixes.Cops in Kirkuk in Iraqi Kurdistan arrested the suspected killer, who is alleged to have shot his sister Eman Sami Maghdid, 20 , eight or nine times on a road in Erbil on Sunday, March 6.The teen is reportedly just 17 years old.Eman, who also went by the names Mari and Maria, had 47,000 followers on TikTok before her death and was popular on the social media platform.Police also arrested another person for giving the killer shelter after the horrific crime was committed.Although the motive for the alleged crime has not been confirmed, it is suspected to be an "honour killing" by the victim's brother.Honour killings occur when a relative, especially a girl or woman, who is perceived to have brought dishonour on a family, is murdered.Eman often posted photos and videos on social media which showed her defying the conservative Islamic traditions prevalent in Iraqi Kurdish society.Often, she could be seen smoking cigarettes, expressing herself loudly and wearing crop-tops and crucifixes - although it is believed she had not converted from Islam to Christianity, but merely wore the item as a fashion statement.In a Facebook post last August, Eman wrote: "I believe that humans will always suffer at the hands of other humans."The death of Eman, which coincided with the International Women’s Day, was widely criticised in Kurdistan.Her tragic and untimely death follows those of at least 10 other women who have been murdered in Iraq's Kurdistan region this year alone.The Kurdistan Region suffers from high rates of gender-based violence, including sexual violence, domestic