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Anna-Nicole Smith's teenage daughter looks so grown up in new pictures
Anna-Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn has appeared in a series of new pictures on her father's Instagram account - and fans cannot believe how much she looks like her late mother.Larry Birkhead, Dannielynn's father, shared pictures of the pair dressed up for a Janet Jackson concert in Cincinnati and joked that they were "arguing which one of us is the bigger Janet fan".WATCH: Larry Birkhead talks to 20/20 about Anna Nicole Smith's daughter"It’s going to be 'Nasty' outside in the 100 degrees weather, but we are looking forward to it," he added - but fans were amazed at how similar Dannielynn looks to Anna-Nicole the older she gets."Beautiful like her mommy," commented one fan as another shared: "The perfect mix of you and Anna Nicole." "She looks just like her mom," read another comment as one wrote: "Omg she's so grown up."In the pictures the 16-year-old rocked a color-blocked black and black-and-white stripe tee paired with a pleated mini-skirt and blazer, and knee-high socks that matched her tee.A post shared by Larry Birkhead (@larryanddannielynn)Larry shared the pictures on social mediaDannielynn and her father are clearly close as the pictures showed them larking around, with Larry squeezing his daughter's cheeks and another showing Dannielynn with tongue poking out.Anna-Nicole was an American socialite who found fame in the early 1990s when she married Howard J. Marshall who was 63 years older than her."I'm not a gold digger," insisted Anna at the time; they married after three years together.
Bruce Willis aphasia diagnosis: crew members claim he misfired guns and forgot lines
which have come to light after the actor’s family announced earlier this week that he is retiring from acting due to being diagnosed with the brain disorder aphasia, have been laid out in a new report by The Los Angeles Times.According to the report, Willis alarmed movie staffers two years ago when he misfired a prop gun on the set of Hard Kill and last year asked what he was doing on a film set.Sources also claimed to the publication that the actor struggled to remember his lines and was fed his words through an earpiece known in the industry as an “earwig”.A body double was used in most action scenes, particularly those that involved the use of prop guns, the report added.On the set of Hard Kill in Cincinnati two years ago, Willis allegedly fired a gun on the wrong cue. No one was hurt in the apparent incident.While the movie’s producer has disputed that the incident occurred, some actors and crew members have claimed that he discharged from the firearm.Actress Lala Kent, who played Willis’ daughter in the film, was supposed to be protected by his character from villains. “I’m supposed to think my life is about to end, and then my dad steps in to save the day,” Kent told the NY Post.Willis was meant to deliver a line that served as her cue to duck before he fired a gun, but he allegedly shot the firearm without uttering the line.
Woman allegedly 'shot boyfriend in face' as he tried to teach her how to use gun
police reports.Christopher Antron Scott Jr, 30, had been showing Anna Sigarroa, 36, his new handgun at their shared home in Toledo, Ohio just before midnight on Friday 4 March.Police reports obtained by local television station WTVG state this was followed by an incident when she inadvertently pulled the trigger and shot him.Sigarroa told officers she had asked Scott to put down the gun, as he was not permitted to be around weapons due to a prior felony conviction.She claimed that she then tried to take the gun away, with her accidental pulling of the trigger in the ensuing struggle leading to a bullet being fired into Scott's mouth.After receiving the injury he drove himself to a local hospital.Sigarroa was taken to Lucas County Jail, and is now facing a charge of felonious assault weapon or ordnance.She is being held on a $50,000 (£38,107) bond, according to local media reports.This could result in a maximum term of eight or eleven years in prison, according to the Joslyn Law Firm in Cincinnati in Newsweek.This depends on whether it is deemed to be a first-degree felony or a second-degree felony.First-degree felonies in Ohio state law are reserved for the most serious types of offences and have the most severe sentences, with second-degree felonies carrying a lower minimum sentence.In the United States more than 27,000 individuals are taken into hospital emergency departments every year with 'unintentional firearm injuries', according to the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence.The vast majority of these — more than 26,000 of the total — do not die of their injuries.