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Locals shocked by 'awful' and 'minging' stinky South Manchester grot spot

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Residents and local workers in Chorlton are shocked at the state of a truly horrific and stinky alleyway off Barlow Moor Road piled high with rubbish.

The alleyway runs from Martin and co estate agents past the back of Electrik bar and The Atlantic Fish bar among other businesses and is piled up with rubbish, leaking bin bags and piles of discarded items.

One local business, who do not wish to be named, said the problem has been going on "for a number of years" and said due to the amount of businesses, the alleyway houses a lot of commercial bins and people tend to add their own items. READ MORE: Pervert told cops he is a 'nonce' after being caught in teenage girl sting A shocked visitor to the area said he walked down the alley on the way to get a pint and described the area as "minging." As did manager of Electrik bar, Andrew Richard, who said: "It's quite a dark and minging alleyway." He said: "There is a massive stack of crates and rubbish and I have no idea where they have come from or who is responsible.

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