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Little Marvin on Exploring a Haunted Country in Amazon’s ‘Them’

Danielle Turchiano Senior Features Editor, TVWriter-producer Little Marvin grew up a fan of classic horror, from Alfred Hitchcock to “The Exorcist,” but it wasn’t until he was on set at his own creation, the anthological “Them” for Amazon Prime Video, that he says he had an experience that “codified for me what moves me deeply” about genre fare.Watching from behind a monitor as cinematographer Checco Varese set up a split diopter shot that showed Henry Emory (Ashley Thomas) smiling at the camera while his wife Lucky (Deborah Ayorinde) is behind him smoking, Little Marvin remembers seeing the image freeze-frame in his mind.“As a kid, loving all of those classic movies, folks who looked like me never populated the center of those frames,” he.

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