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Law & Order Fans Are Upset the Dead Wife Trope Was Used to Bring Back Stabler

, which is certainly cause for celebration. That being said, some are taking issue with the storyline that brought this beloved character back into the fold.If you're watching the show, you know has rejoined the force to find his wife Kathy's (Isabel Gillies) killers after she was murdered in a bombing attack. (The attack was intended to kill Stabler.) Some viewers are upset Kathy had to die in order for Stabler to reappear in the franchise. “I was looking forward to return since it was announced, and these are my first episodes watching in a few years, but the fridging has taken me completely out of it,” one fan wrote. ("Fridging" describes the trope of a female character dying to advance a male one's narrative.) “They bring Stabler back.

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