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Laura Hamilton issues urgent warning to fans over online imposter as she calls police over ‘serious’ concerns

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A Place in the Sun star Laura Hamilton has sent a warning to fans after being impersonated online. The upset 40-year-old told how she has got the police involved to deal with the “serious” situation which is threatening to ruin her holiday.

In a passionate video, Laura explained: “You will see from my Instagram, my official Instragram I might add, that I am being informed again that there is still somebody who has got a fake Instagram account and is contacting people on my behalf and it’s not me. “It actually getting quite serious now so it’s going to be reported to the police. “This is my genuine Instagram and I am on holiday trying to celebrate my friend’s birthday. .css-16e4f55{margin:16px 0;}.css-1czxmma{background-color:rgba(252,239,255,1);margin:16px 0;}.css-1tapza8{padding:20px 15px;}.css-1bk4jdt{padding:20px.

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