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‘Knots Landing’ star Donna Mills claims Sandy in ‘Grease’ was modeled after her: ‘I found out years later’

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Donna Mills claims she was the inspiration behind Sandy in "Grease." The actress, who starred in the "Dallas" spinoff "Knots Landing," recently took to her Instagram and shared a video of herself dressed up as the character from the 1978 movie, a role made famous by Olivia Newton-John.

In the clip, the 81-year-old claimed she was the "model" for Sandy. "Does the character Sandy from Grease look similar to me?’" she captioned the post. "Here’s why!" "Did you know that I went to school with Jim Jacobs?" Mills said in the video. "Jim Jacobs, who wrote ‘Grease.’ Jim Jacobs, who used me as his model for Sandy.

I didn’t know it at the time. But I found out years later. I was the original Sandy." In 2010, Jacobs explained to The Buffalo News how he and co-writer Warren Casey came up with the idea for "Grease." "We're sitting around in my apartment in like '69, and it was some cast party of a show," Jacobs explained at the time. "Around one in the morning, there were still a few old potheads laying around, passed out on the floor.

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