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Kering’s Women in Motion Program to Celebrate Michelle Yeoh and Female Filmmakers at Cannes

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Zoe Hewitt Substantial change doesn’t take place instantaneously, whether it’s designing a feature film, or even editing one.

And, when it comes to women’s roles in the arts, the crucial journey may be longer than one may wish. Aiming to facilitate change is Kering’s Women in Motion program, which launched in 2015.

While its initial goal was to promote women in cinema, it has since expanded to include multiple art forms, with photography, music and choreography among them.

Just a few of their many initiatives include artist recognition with monetary rewards, talks and podcasts. They provide support in word, as well as deed, with actions reminiscent of Gloria Steinem’s talking circles at times. “We are actually creating a kind of community of female artists who, all around the globe, can recognize themselves as ‘Women in Motion,’ ” says Valerie Duport, Kering chief communications and image officer. “We love that all this is also about sorority.” Citizenship in a specific country isn’t a prerequisite for the group’s financial endorsement.

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