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Катрина Эми Александра Алексис Прайс (родилась 22 мая 1978 года), ранее известная под псевдонимом Джордан, является английской медийной личностью, моделью, бизнес-леди, певицей и писателем. В 1996 году Прайс приобрела известность благодаря своей гламурной модельной работе, появившейся на страницах 3 британских таблоидов The Sun и The Daily Star. Она появилась в третьей серии "Я знаменитость ... Вытащи меня отсюда!" в 2004 и в следующем году она заняла второе место в поисках заявки на участие в конкурсе песни Евровидение в Великобритании.

В 2006 году Прайс выпустила свой дебютный студийный альбом A Whole New World в сотрудничестве с Питером Андре. Она снялась в своих собственных реалити-шоу, включая «Джордан» (2002–2004 годы), «Кэти и Питер» (2004–2009 годы), «Подпись Кэти Прайс» (2011 год), «Кэти Прайс» (2009–2012 годы) и «Кэти Прайс: моя сумасшедшая жизнь» (2019 год). , Цена появилась на девятой серии I ' ма знаменитости ... вытащить меня отсюда! в 2009 году и был победителем пятнадцатой серии знаменитостей Big Brother в 2015 году.

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Katie Price arrives at court for sentencing after being warned she faces prison

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READ MORE:Katie Price wows as bridesmaid at sister's wedding ahead of court hearing"I must warn you Ms Price that you are at risk of going to prison."Katie was also told before the end of the hearing by the judge that she was "in very grave danger of going to prison".She was subsequently bailed until her sentencing today.Katie had been due to attend court for a speeding offence in May, but it was pushed back until July 5 at Crawley Magistrates' Court as the matter was not dealt with via single justice procedure.In relation to today's sentencing, Katie previously denied breaching the restraining order against Kieran's fiancée Michelle Penticost.She was accused of sending an abusive text to Michelle, breaching a restraining order that was imposed on June 3, 2019.The order banned Katie from contacting Michelle directly or indirectly for five years.At the time, she was also fined £415 after a "tirade of abuse" aimed at Michelle during an incident at a school playground.It was alleged by prosecution that Katie sent an abusive text to Michelle in which she aimed a number of profanities at her.The abusive text allegedly said: “C***ing w***e piece of s**t” and a “gutter sl*g."The text allegedly came after Katie learned of a post on Instagram in which Michelle spoke of how she had been treated badly by other people, and how she had dealt with it.According to the prosecution, Michelle said the post was not about Katie.The court was told that Katie then sent messages to members of her family saying she had texted ex-husband Kieran, with prosecution saying that a family member told her not to send any more.Katie was married to Kieran from 2013 to 2021 and shares two children with the former stripper - Jett and Bunny.For more of the.

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