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Jon Hamm Took A Pay Cut So 'Confess, Fletch' Could Complete Filming

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Jon Hamm was fully invested in his new movie, Confess, Fletch. According to director Greg Mottola, the 51-year-old actor actually gave back 60% of his initial paycheck to complete filming on the flick after financiers pulled out of it. Click inside to read more… In a new interview, via Variety, Greg explained that the money that Miramax executive Bill Block put up for the film only covered 27 days of shooting.

Then, when he and Jon went to find extra funding to bring the shoot to 30 days, they were rejected by every financier. “Everyone said, ‘I don’t know that this kind of comedy works in this day and age,’” Greg said. “They just had a kind of like, ‘Who’s Fletch?

I don’t think anyone cares anymore.’” That’s when Jon stepped in. “Jon gave back 60% of his salary to the budget,” the director continued. “I gave back some of my salary, not as much as Jon because he’s richer than me and I’ve got three kids.

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