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Irn Bru and Tunnock’s Teacakes featured on bespoke wallpaper with nod to Duke of Wellington

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An interior design company has created a bespoke wallpaper featuring Irn Bru cans and Tunnock’s Teacakes after visiting Scotland.

The owners of Lakes and Fells were so inspired by their visits to Glasgow that they decided to create a wall-covering paying homage to the city.

The Gallus wallpaper, costing just £125 per roll, features a number of iconic sweet treats as well as a traffic cone in tribute to the Duke of Wellington statue.The design is said to be in a ‘graffiti style’ after the designers noticed the colorful art scattered throughout the city.A blurb on the Lakes and Fells website reads: “I take a lot of inspiration from the humdrum of city life including the art and creativity all around.“Being in Cumbria we live close to Scotland and have visited Glasgow regularly since moving up here.“Such an underrated city, often overlooked by its close neighbour, and has an incredibly vibrant art culture to boot.“This design was inspired by the graffiti that adorns numerous buildings in the city as well as a little shout out to their love of certain confectionaries and putting traffic cones on historic monuments (Google the backstory to this one).“Our aim at Lakes and Fells is to bring out your inner demon, encouraging a braver use of colours and pattern to compliment your space leaving you feeling inspired and empowered each time you enter your room.” Don't miss the latest news from around Scotland and beyond - Sign up to our daily newsletter here .

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