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Inside Steve Jobs and Bill Gates' brutal bromance - from betrayal to deathbed letter

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Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk is well-known, as two of the world's richest men race towards the stars.It's the latest billionaire tiff in a long string of rivalries which have dominated Silicon Valley for decades, driving hostility, competition, and innovation between the world's biggest tech companies.However, there's one rivalry in particular which gave birth to the modern tech world as we know it.READ NEXT: Inside Bill Gates' 'Internet Tidal Wave' dossier that saw the future and got him suedThe founders of Apple and Microsoft, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates respectively, both started their tech careers at around the same time.

In fact, they began as friends and collaborators.But as their empires grew bigger and bigger, so did the rift between them⁠—which eventually morphed into a bitter public rivalry.

So public, in fact, it became the subject of a 1999 movie 'Pirates of Silicon Valley'.Early on, Gates and Jobs worked together on software for the Apple II PC and later, the Apple Macintosh.

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