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‘iCarly’ Cast Look Back On Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘Hilarious’ 2009 Cameo; Tease Her Potential Return

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“iCarly” stars Jerry Trainor and Nathan Kress, who portray Spencer and Freddie respectively, are looking back on Emily Ratajkowski’s cameo in the original show over a decade ago.

The actors, who’ve reprised their roles for the Paramount+ reboot series alongside Miranda Gosgrove, Laci Mosley and Jaiyden Triplett, recently told E!

News that they thought Ratajkowski’s two-episode, season 3 feature as Gibby’s (Noah Munck) girlfriend, Tasha, was “hilarious.” “Her and Gibby, we would all just be like, ‘Wait you two…together…what?

How is this even working?'” Trainor, 46, told the outlet. READ MORE: Emily Ratajkowski Says Modelling Agencies Rejected Her Due To Her Height “But it worked!” Kress, 30, added. “I’ll be darned, it worked.” “I heard she wants to come back on the show,” Jerry pointed out, seemingly referring to the model’s March interview with BuzzFeed, in which she said she would “definitely” be down for another Tasha moment on the show’s reboot. “That’s what I heard!” “I get called Tasha on the internet a lot, which, I’m honoured,” Ratajkowski told the publication.

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