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'I went out with my Tinder date, it was great until her husband and kid showed up'

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Tinder date's husband showed up at the restaurant with their daughter.Pat McKenna, from Boston of Massachusetts, US, shared the story when he recalled his "worst date" two years ago.He explained in a video: "We were hitting it off, having a great time, I’m paying for the check because we’re going to the movies after."All of a sudden this guy sits down at the table with us and she’s pale as a ghost."I said 'hey man can I help you?’ He says, ‘that’s my wife'."He then turned to the woman and asked if the man was her husband and she stuttered and made excuses."The best part of it all, I see something crawling around in the corner of my eye – it’s her daughter," Pat added."She jumped on her lap and said 'mummy' and I looked at him and asked how.

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