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I always have sex on the first date to get the awkward part out of the way

Reading now: 882 that many men love her “direct” approach to dating.The adult content creator, who claims to make $250,000 a month, revealed that her strict Christian upbringing has influenced her to be more sex-positive in her daily life.Despite being “pretty nerdy” when she was younger, she “desperately wanted to get laid,” but her parents reportedly didn’t allow her to go on dates.

And while Kazumi desired to find a boyfriend, she felt that she was too socially awkward as a teen — and boys at her school thought she was “weird.”“I turned to the internet and chatted with strangers online by webcam, which is probably why I’m so comfortable sexting with guys on OnlyFans,” she told the outlet.The Miami resident stays safe, uses protection and gets tested regularly to ensure the safety of herself and her partners when on her dates.She noted that some of the “most amazing first dates” she’s ever had were when she did have sex and then had a more comfortable experience hanging out with the guy after because, as she declared, “We’re both relaxed and the sexual tension is diffused.”“I want to remove the stigma attached to having a high number of sexual partners,” Kazumi continued. “Like, who cares?”She stated that men appreciate her “directness because they find that a lot of women aren’t very forward or secure with their sexuality.”However, Kazumi pointed out that some dates are surprised at first with a few thinking that she’s “a slut — which is hypocritical,” she said.“I date mature men, and I feel like being honest, as well as direct about my needs, is a great way to establish the notion that I am confident,” she added. “I know what I want early on in the relationship and if I detect any stupidity, we aren’t dating.”The.

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