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How to cope on Mother's Day if you're grieving for your mum

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner many of us are excitedly awaiting the chance to show our maternal figures the love and appreciation they rightfully deserve.

However for some people, the day isn’t always a happy occasion, as not everyone has always been close to their mother or had a maternal figure in their lives.The day can also be a struggle for people that have sadly lost their mums too, with the once joyful day now tinged with heartbreak and the sting of grief.This can be especially tough as shops and media outlets saturate the market with reminders of the day in the run up to the event, with flowers, discounted perfume and adverts for cards suddenly dotted around every corner.

Regardless of whether you lost your mum recently, or she passed away decades ago, it doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day gets any easier, or indeed hurts any less - but there are a few handy ways to help get through the day.

Put Yourself First Prior to Mother’s Day, it can be a good idea to plan how you’d like to spend the day. You can decide whether you want to spend the day alone with your thoughts or if you’d rather be surrounded by friends and family for support.

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