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How Seth Meyers Maintained the New Spirit of ‘Late Night’ When the Studio Audience Came Back

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an audience. This is the audience that watched us in the attic and watched us in an empty studio, and they got to know Wally the Cue Card Guy.

They got to know Scollins, the writer, and they got to know everybody as a character in the show. It felt like a reunion, which was really special.”Meyers is a little embarrassed to admit it took the show this long to settle on what it’s become – a mix of whip-smart political dissections, goofy impressions and a bevy of serialized inside jokes that stretch on for weeks. “But I think when you’re given a show, you’re so stressed out about just competently hosting a talk show that you don’t give yourself the space to do the things we did over the course of the two years we were gone,” Meyers said before adding with a laugh, “I don’t know if the network would have been super psyched if our first take on the show was doing casually dressed in an attic.”During our wide-ranging discussion about “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” the host also discussed why he and his team were determined for the writing not to change once the audience came back, the crafting of “A Closer Look,” what fans can expect from the next season of “Documentary Now!” — and he even answers a question submitted by Bill Hader.Read the full interview below and don’t miss our discussion about “Corrections.”How has the last year been for you?

I know it’s kind of hard to quantify “Late Night” because you don’t have super strict seasons.If we’re saying from last year, this certainly feels like the season that I would describe as the audience came back.

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