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Homes Under The Hammer's Martin Roberts left 'horrified' over 'extreme hoarder' houses

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Homes Under The Hammer star Martin Roberts confessed to spending time in his fair share of barely inhabitable homes.The Strictly The Real Full Monty star was left incredulous about how anyone could have braved such tough conditions."I've seen about five or six hoarder homes over the years," he admitted."You wonder how on earth people could have been living in there...

it's horrifying!""It is like those extreme hoarder type programmes where there's just a small space for the chair, surrounded by years, and years, and years of rubbish piled around it."Often [these are] properties which have maybe had animals kept inside, so you can imagine the kind of smell and the state that they're in!"Martin's other concerns during filming include minor injuries caused by falling through the floor.Thanks to these nightmare experiences, he is all too aware of the hidden hazards of unsafe properties, which he claims can even trip up an expert like him."A stitch in time saves nine," he warned."There's lots of things you can do to stop your house getting into a state."This week, Martin began a new campaign with the Gas Safe Register to help raise awareness of the perils of failing to keep up maintenance in the home.The caring star, who also fronts a children's charity and dared to bare all in a striptease for Strictly The Real Full Monty in support of a close pal who died of bowel cancer, is highlighting all the problems that can crop up in people's homes, if left unresolved.Out of control mould, carbon monoxide poisoning from leaky boilers, flooding, and many more disasters are all issues that he has witnessed over the years.He admits: " After 20 years in property, I’ve heard every shoulda, woulda, coulda going when it comes to regrets.

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