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Home and Away Nikau star's life - steroids scandal, off-soap romance and Cameo cringe

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Home and Away playing Nikau Parata on the hit Channel Seven soap since 2020.Fans of the long-running drama have been watching his storylines unfold as Nikau's relationship with Bella Nixon takes on a series of twists and turns.Nikau burst into Summer Bay with a tragic backstory after his father shot and killed by the police during a robbery gone wrong.READ MORE: Neighbours' Alan Fletcher tears up as he discusses emotional end to iconic soapDespite a series of dramatic storylines, off-screen the 24-year-old actor lives a glamorous life and has a lot more luck in the love department than his on-screen alter-ego.From his blossoming relationship, steroids controversy and cringe worthy cameo vids, let’s take a look at the star’s life off-camera…Earlier this year the soap star was forced to make a public apology after he made a controversial joke about taking steroids.Fans complained in their droves after the 24-year-old actor shared a since-deleted photo of himself at the gym on March 30, captioning it: 'I love steroids'.The offending post received over 2,000 likes and 36 comments in the 12 days before it was deleted.But not everyone saw the humour, with one Instagram user claiming she was unfollowing Kawakawa, while another branded it 'idiotic'.According to a report by The Daily Telegraph , the post was deleted after the publication contacted Channel Seven, with Kawakawa then issuing an apology.The star then issued the following statement: “'I know I have made a serious error in judgement with this post and I have deleted it,' he told The Daily Telegraph.'I realise my attempt at humour was misguided and misleading and sincerely apologise.''Surely this is a joke?

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