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Hairdresser explains why she 'never' shampoos hair just once during wash

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A professional hair stylist has revealed the five things she would never do to her own hair - and one is something most people do regularly.The New Zealand based expert has said she would never shampoo her hair just once and must do it at least twice during every wash.

Known as the Hair Gal, the woman regularly shares her insider tips on haircare and styling on social media with her 24 thousand followers.

In a video shared to TikTok, @thehairgirlnz said that " I would never not shampoo my hair twice", as only giving it a once over won't offer a full clean.

In a clip captioned: "These are the five things I would never, ever do as a hairdresser," she said that double shampooing can also keep oiliness at bay for longer."You need to shampoo your hair twice in order to cleanse it and get the benefits from your shampoo," she explained. "It will also help with oiliness so you'll find you won't need to wash it as often."Other habits this specialist tries to avoid include limiting how often she wears her hair back in sleek, tight ponytails, as they can speed up hair loss.She added: "I would never wear my hair in a sleek bun or ponytail more than once in a blue moon.

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