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Grimes discusses new album, health issues and “ten thousand cancellations”

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Grimes has taken to social media to update fans on forthcoming new musical releases, leaving her record label, and a recent health scare, among other subjects.The Canadian artist promised new music arriving on September 30, stating that her new album was finished and now simply “waiting on approvals for [the] next single and mixing”.

Asked if the record, reportedly called ‘Book 1’ according to an earlier interview, is still about AI lesbianism, Grimes replied that it was “about militarised AI courtesans among other things”.The record also appears likely to include a contribution from Jennie from BLACKPINK, confirming rumours after the K-pop star appeared in the video for ‘Shingami Eyes’ and were spotted together in 2021. “Jennie taught me many lessons,” she wrote.

It also seems that the release date of ‘Sci-Fi’, a forthcoming collaborative track with The Weeknd, “depends on Abel [Tesfaye] and Columbia”.Grimes added that earlier in the year she had an “intense medical situation” and is “just getting back to health,” though did not clarify the nature of the situation.Yes it’s about militarized ai courtesans among other things—.

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