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Grieving Scots mum wants social media bosses to be criminally liable for protecting kids after daughter's suicide

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A Scots mum says tech bosses should be made criminally liable for protecting kids from online harm - after her teen daughter took her own life.

Ruth Moss, 51, is campaigning for tougher social media regulations and new legislation which would hold tech bosses to account.

Her daughter Sophie Parkinson, 13, died at home in Angus, Fife, in 2014, after she had viewed suicidal and self-harm posts on social media.Ruth said she did everything she could to protect Sophie online but warned parents can never been 100 per cent sure what their children are viewing.She told how she had been shamed by other parents for giving Sophie a phone when she was 12 but warned children can get around even the best parental controls.Ruth, a nurse from Edinburgh, said: "We gave Sophie a phone when she was 12 to give her a bit of independence."We did all the parental controls on the phone, we locked down our Wi-Fi at home, we did everything we could to be responsible."But she was still able to access harmful material when she had access to free Wi-Fi, on the bus to school or at cafes."When I went on her phone after she died I was met with the most harmful stuff, it was shocking."She had got around the age verification to set up a social media profile, which I think a lot of children do."There was really horrible imagery on her social media account, I was just bombarded with images of self-harm and suicide."We checked her phone and internet history like a lot of parents do, but parents can't control everything, if kids want to get around things, they will find a way."I faced a lot of parent shaming after Sophie died, people asking why I would give a phone to my 12-year-old child."But we did all the things any responsible parent could do, and I

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