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Gogglebox's Giles Wood has secret job that earns him fortune after 'retiring at 21'

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Gogglebox star Giles Wood may be best known for his on-screen antics with his wife Mary Killen but he has another job that fans don't know about.

Giles and Mary joined the Gogglebox family back in 2015 and swiftly became fan favourites on the hit Channel 4 programme thanks to their comical exchanges as they pass judgement on that week's top TV shows.The latest series will once again see the popular couple - who refer to one another as "nutty" - welcome fans into the Wiltshire-based cottage they call home as they provide a fresh bout of commentary. READ MORE: Zoe Ball originally snubbed Celeb Gogglebox before son Woody forced her to change mind While Giles' posh accent has provided fans with hours of entertainment on the TV he has a different job that keeps him busy outside of his reality TV career.While Mary works as an agony aunt and columnist for The Spectator, as well as being a published author with books focusing on etiquette including the title How the Queen Can Make You Happy, Giles' career is more of a mystery.A previous episode of Gogglebox saw Mary reference how he had "retired at 21" as they watched a documentary about the Covid-19 pandemic.Giles said: "Just as I'm starting to enjoy my retirement."Mary then replied: "What retirement?

You haven't worked first. You retired at 21, so now you can start working, do it in reverse."While Giles may not have a run-of-the-mill job, his personal website has revealed that he is in fact an artist.He paints homes and landscapes and charges up to £250 for a framed print of his work.On the site, he explains what draws him to painting.He said: "I like the contemplative aspect — sitting for several days in a room, watching the light change.

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