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'Get checked out': Warning of parents whose son's pains and rash were much more serious

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Jessica had just run her bath for her teenage son Harvey to help with his severe back and leg pains. For days, she had been giving him tablets prescribed to help him cope with the 'agonising' pains - but nothing seemed to be working.

16-year-old Harvey, who is autistic, and lives with his mum Jessica, dad Stuart and four siblings in Middleton, first started complaining of the pains in his back and his legs.

He was given paracetamol and ibuprofen, but, within a few days, it had escalated and he was struggling to walk properly. His parents instantly knew something was wrong.

Jessica said Harvey has always had a high pain threshold, not even shedding a tear when he broke his arm as a young child - but that he was clearly 'in agony.' READ MORE 'I was told my toddler just had a infection - the truth was horrifying' They visited Oldham Hospital's A&E department on February 9, where Jessica said a doctor 'felt his back' and said Harvey's 'muscles were tight'.

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